Courage! To the Field!


A semi-finalist for the American Shakespeare Center’s Shakespeare’s New Contemporaries Commission in 2018, Courage! To the Field! is an alternate-history play based loosely on the texts of Henry IV Parts 1 & 2. Courage! will be made possible by a Tim Bond Production Grant from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Directed by Emma Rosa Went. Featuring Olivia Rose Barresi, Will Ormsby Cary, Gregory Cuellar*, Jovan Davis, Charlie Hankin, Julia Larsen, Andrea Lopez, Garrett Lyons, & Matthew Minnicino (*Appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association)

The Tank April 25, 26, & 27 and May 2, 3, & 4 at 7pm. Tickets here!

The Same Shirt Show Part 2: Beckett Without Beckett


An Exploration of Masculinity and Existentialism Inspired by the Themes and Works of Beckett, but Containing No Actual Beckett, We Swear

We’re terrified to announce that we’re back thanks to Emma receiving a First Stage Residency at The Drama League. Informal presentation August 9, at 8pm. Get tickets here!

All shirt-related projects are devised by we three lady-clowns. This time it’s a game of chicken with the Beckett Estate.

As You Like It


At Scranton Shakespeare Festival, July 13, 14, 15, & 29

A banished Duke and his followers seek refuge and peace in the Forest of Arden (a mysterious, secluded “golden world”) where two young women on the run from court find freedom in disguise and love in the forest... As You Like It is the universal invitation; Shakespeare's anarchic, musical comedy of love-at-first-sight and the power of nature, where discord finds harmony, where evil is converted, where all identity is possible.

Directed by Emma Rosa Went

Featuring: Olivia Rose Barresi, Will Ormsby Cary, Daniel Holme, Irina Kaplan, Julia Larsen (as Jaques), Garrett K. Lyons, Conor McGuigan, Joe McGurl, Ben McNamara, Tamara Sevunts, Logan T. Sutton and Camille Upshaw.

The Same Shirt Show


An Exploration of Masculinity in the Western Canon, as Performed by Two Women Wearing the Same Shirt, A Theatrical Revue OR: [THE SAME SHIRT SHOW]

ONE NIGHT ONLY: Dixon Place, February 23rd 2018 at 7pm.

Co-Created by and starring Julia Larsen and Olivia Rose Barresi. "Directed" by Emma Rosa Went.

A "post-feminist" comedic exploration of literature, co-dependency, and the importance of costume. Or something. Julia Larsen and Olivia Rose Barresi tackle some of the most iconic scenes for men in western dramatic literature, from Shakespeare to Mamet… all while occupying a single XXXXL polo shirt. Bound together on a journey, both by serious feminism and by the actual polo shirt, they will attempt to answer the following question: Are two women better than one… man? Featuring sword-fights, hat-gags, possible songs, and the true meaning of (male) friendship. Is this a vanity project? No one with vanity would do this.

Three Seconds


Residency at Maine's Barn Arts Collective. Workshop October 8th-15th 2017, with a public performance on Saturday October 14th at 7 PM. Featuring work and performances by The Renovationists.

Is loneliness something in the blood? Or is it something in the air? As life at White Rock Lighthouse shifts tidally back and forth across a century, Emory meets the only person who could inspire him to change his fate. Two distinct timelines weave into one family story of loneliness, thwarted hope, and the ocean.

Play by Else C. Went. Directed by Emma Went. Featuring: Harrison Densmore, Julia Larsen, Olivia Rose Barresi, Patrick Harvey, Zoe Goslin, and Finn Kilgore.

Saving Throw


A staged reading of Else C. Went's play Saving Throw at the Tank. August 25th, 2016.

The fantasy world of Lothgrad provides Emory and his friends an escape from the crushing reality of adolescence. While they find solace in a world with rules that can be double-checked against a handbook, real life -- and real people -- are not always so simple. As Summer vacation approaches, the small stresses of life begin to test the tight-knit community of outcasts and nerds. Small stresses become big fractures, and it will take more than online personality quizzes and Super Nintendo to keep the fellowship together; it will take true bravery. A heartfelt drama, Saving Throw takes an understated look at how we keep each other safe in our darkest hours.

Directed by Emma Rosa Went. Featuring Olivia Rose Barresi, Maybe Burke, Gerard Courtney Chamberlain, Harrison Densmore, Emily Hooper, Julia Larsen, Finn Kilgore, and Ethan Nguyen.